Smok Stick Prince Kit with TFV12 Prince Tank Review

Smok Stick Prince Kit Functionality
Smok Stick Prince Kit

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Battery Size:  24.5mm x 85mm

E-Liquid Capacity: 8ml

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The SMOK brand never ceases to try out new designs. First, they let us taste royalty from the Cloud Beast King Tank with its unique coil system, then they let us breathe fire from the simple-setup AIO Stick, and now they’ve gone ahead and rolled all these into a single kit – the Stick Prince.

But unlike the royal Cloud Beast King that paired with a mod, the Stick Prince Kit pairs a TFV12 tank with a 3000mAh battery into a stylish vape-pen like e-cig. And in the spirit of maintaining a simple-setup platform like the AIO Stick, the SMOK Prince is a single-button device with no OLED screen readouts or information display. You just have got to fill the 8ml TFV12 tank; screw it to the battery, then you’re good to go.



Smok Stick Prince

E-Liquid Capacity:
Battery Capacity:
Voltage Range:
3.4V – 4.2V
Stainless Steel, Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, Rainbow

Package Contents

The Stick Prince arrives in an aesthetic rectangular cardboard box. On the box front is the picture of the assembled device sitting next to a large crown logo and a captivating kit description: contents and legal warnings. Though just a box, this high-quality packaging makes for a pretty first impression.

When you open the box, you will be greeted by the SMOK Stick battery held in position by a black Styrofoam holder. Next to the battery sits the TFV12, SMOK’s latest flagship royal tank with a 0.17ohm pre-installed M4 Quad Coil. There’s an extra coil, a USB Charging cable, O-rings, gasket, and a User Manual.

What is conspicuously missing is a spare glass tube. The kit could do with an extra glass tube, especially since the TFV12 Prince is a bubble glass tank that may get smashed if it falls on a rough surface.

Smok Stick Prince Kit Package Contents

Build Quality & Design

The Stick Prince, just like all Smok’s Stick devices, leaves the box design of mods past behind for a new streamlined, portable form factor. The Prince, though, is heavy due to the integrated 3000mAh battery and the fire breathing TFV12 tank; but you know what they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown, so expect a taste of royalty from Quadruple coils and adjustable bottom airflow.

Upon screwing the tank to the battery, the Stick Prince stands at 148mm by 24.5mm by 28mm. While this means it’s not the most discreet device out there, expect a comfortable hand-feel and portability via any pocket type.

Smok Stick Prince Kit TFV12 Prince Top Drip Tip


The battery has been designed to take the form of a vape pen. It features 510 connections, a micro USB charging port, a shield-styled fire button, and an LED ring. It also features a bottom vent hole. The LED indicator flashes four times after every puff and 15 times to notify of critical battery status.

The battery is a direct power output platform that sends out – 3.4 – 4.2V. For that reason, the Stick Prince is equipped with built-in protections such as short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, and overheating protection.

No corners were cut with this battery design, from the high-quality paint job to the power safety features and the spring-loaded connection, it’s thumbs up. The tank sits perfectly without any teeny-weeny gaps.

Have you ever seen a vape pen with a 3000mAh battery? That’s hard to find unless you check into a SMOK vape shop. The Prince, with its integrated 3000mAh battery and single button operation, is good for an all-day vape before charging is needed.

The Tank

While the battery is a simple cylindrical-shaped device with a single operation button, the TFV12 is an advanced sub-ohm tank that’s a bit complex for beginners. But a thorough description and User Manual will help you figure it out. It’s a three-piece design, and you don’t have to empty the juice to change the coil. The top cap is a swivel-style that you press to expose the fill ports.

It’s a 28 X 63 mm device, but the 28mm diameter is only around the bubble glass section and 24.5mm at the base. The protruding bubble glass section is both a blessing and a caveat. On the one hand, you get an 8ml e-juice tank that’s more than any sub-ohm platform you’ve experienced; but the caveat? Bang goes any fond hopes of tasting royalty if you drop it.

Smok Stick Prince Kit Tank


The Stick Prince maintains the simple-setup of the AIO stick, making for hassle-free vaping operations. It’s a simple platform with no settings menu or any power adjustments. All you have to do is fill the tank, screw it onto the battery, and prime it for 15 minutes.

  • To fill the tank, press the swivel style cap to unlock it and expose the fill ports, then squeeze your e-juice in and lock the tank.
  • Screw the TFV12 Prince onto the battery. The threads are well-machined with no rough edges for the tank to get stuck.
  • Give it 15 minutes to soak into the wicking material, and you are good to go.
  • To fire up the device, press the fire button in 5 quick successions. 5 fast clicks will also turn it off.
  • To adjust the airflow, use the metal ring on the TFV12 to open and close the dual airflow slots.
  • To change the coil-heads, unscrew the base of the TFV12 Prince, unscrew the coil, and screw in a new one.

Smok Stick Prince Kit Functionality


The Stick Prince, despite its vape pen form factor, is a sub-ohm device. Thanks to the mechanical quadruple coil, flavors are unmuted. They come through strong to rival those big box mods.

You can expect to vape for about 7-9 days before the flavor starts to wane off. But this is a decent coil life as expected from all SMOK coils. It also largely depends on the VG content in your e-liquid. Expect unrivaled flavor ranges – as you’ve never experienced from other TFV12 tanks before.

Pros and Cons


  • Vape pen battery form
  • Versatile 510 connection in case you need to change the battery or tank
  • 8ml capacity tank
  • Simple-setup with no mind-boggling menus
  • Powerful mechanical quadruple coils


  • Kit could do with an extra glass tube.

Bottom Line

In retrospect, SMOK Stick Prince packs features that lets you taste the sweetest things. There’s no much to complain about its simple-setup design. It’s a sit back, relax, and taste royalty from the new sub-ohm TFV12 Prince tank. The battery’s vape pen form and the tank’s cobra drips tip are an excellent design.

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