SMOK Stick V8 Review – an In-Depth Look

SMOK Stick V8, SMOK Stick V8 Review – an In-Depth Look


The SMOK Stick V8 kit is typically a styled vaporizer that generates a very appealing vapor for inhaling. Moreover, it is easy to use, sufficiently chic, and at the same time integrated with a battery of 3000mAh which offers amazing performance. SMOK has proved to be one of the best companies in the industry of e-cigarette, which allows you to enjoy the flavor whenever you are inside or out.

This, therefore, means you can easily tuck it inside the pocket. Therefore, you can enjoy your outdoor camping without necessarily refilling it.

The Product Quality

The most distinctive feature that stands out on Stick V8 is design and color option. Although you can secure different devices of vape that have varied colors, SMOK is so popular for its colors and designs. The stick V8 is available in at least 10 solid colors, 4 options of lustrous, and the camo. With the experience I have about it, I realized it is nicely designed although there is something that didn’t work. Its internal battery is not perfect.

It should be understood that if you like the small tube styled vape, you need to have internal batteries. The reason is that you can get a battery capacity of average level, at the same time ensuring the mod is sufficiently small. Nonetheless, the V8 stick is sufficiently large. Thanks to its internal battery, it lacks enough sophistication that is required. This means a removable battery is more effective.

They have ensured there is an internal battery to be in favor of novices. But, the way it has been constructed, it’s still not perfect for the starters.

Stick V8 boasts of a base which is unregulated. Considering the amount of charge available in the market, you can choose to have varied voltage outputs. This, therefore, means you need a button to engage coil and turn the device on and off. If you have some knowledge regarding the Big Baby Tank, you will realize it is a tank of good quality. It has a lot of modern features associated with products like SMOK.

Some of its features include a simple swivel, which makes it easy for filling and airflow regulation. Sometimes the tank may leak, but the best way to fix the issue is through replacement of the coil. These are some of the things you need to take into consideration if you consider having Stick V8.

The Quality of the Flavor

You will be able to get the best quality of vapor. The reason is that vape is provided alongside a Big Baby Tank while the coil helps to deliver perfect flavors and big clouds. The coils are customized, and they are available in 0.15 ohm and 0.25-ohm ratings. The 0.25-ohm coil provides nice flavor although the cloud is not very big like a 0.15ohm coil. This is provided with less impressive clouds and flavorful coil. The main difference that exists between these coils is that 0.15 ohm enhances smooth and big draw.

The Flexibility of the Power

You may not be able to secure any kind of flexibility, especially on the options of power because the available voltage is all dependent on the amount of charge inside the battery. It is hard to choose the wattage, voltage or the amount of temperature you wish to vape. This kind of vape assures great performance when it is fully charged.

The great thing associated with its battery indicator is that one can tell when a charge is required. Nonetheless, to enjoy the greatest experience, you must ensure it is kept within reasonable charges. It allows you to switch coil to make the kit easily controllable on the power.

The Pros of SMOK Stick V8

-Movable and comes with the colorful design, which makes it easy to pick from different colors of your choice.

-Very easy and compact to move around to ensure it’s perfect for vaping.

-No adjustments are required because you will be able to start using it immediately after buying.

-It comes with wide drip tip, more comfortable since it’s provided with a connection that is well sealed.

– The tank is capable of holding at least 5ml of the e-liquid.

-Can be easily refilled and comes with a few messes alongside a top-hinged fill design.

– Able to switch parts by use of the 510 connectors.

-Boasts of 8 seconds protection alongside other protections.

-It can be used alongside one regulator control.

-Built with pass-through effectiveness.

-One can easily tell when the system is shutting by the use of front LED light.

The Cons of SMOK Stick V8

-Not easy to secure hotter vape compared to the pre-set factory with low power.

-Lacks external source of charging since you must utilize the USB charging.

-Limited control of the device.

-Not the best for more complex vapors.

-Complicated to modify because it’s not easy replacing the tank, batteries or coils.

The Product Suitability

If you are a novice, you are likely to experience a hard time in choosing diverse devices for vaping. In case you realize it is proving difficult to make a good selection, it is advisable to have a ready option, for example, SMOK Stick V8.

The main advantage associated with Stick V8 is that it’s not provided with several whistles and bells. Instead, it is built with an easy single-click operation. You must understand the location of the fire button, and you will be good to go. If a battery is fully charged with the tank full, you can begin the vaping process.

This leaves V8, an effective kit for vaping among newbies. It is the perfect gift for your grandparents who smoke because it may not be hard for them when compared to the modern devices of vaping.


To wrap up, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vaper, SMOK Stick V8 is going to add great value to your collection of vape. It is easy to use, and this makes it the best for beginners. The experienced vapers will like the solidity of this kit, especially the sub ohm capacity. This, therefore, makes its set-up so easy when on the motion. SMOK Stick V8 is very cheap hence affordable to the common citizen. Currently, it is sold at a discounted price that will leave you very satisfied.

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