SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company


SMOK is one of the best vaping products from the Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation. It is a short form of SmokTech, the official name of the brand of vaping products by IVPS. IVPS is one of the oldest and most forward-looking companies in the vaping industry that has made its name by making highly innovative products.

Over the course of about seven years, the company has served more than 80 million clients with its focus on sales and brand building. SMOK first made its name producing highly popular cartomizers such as the Dual Coil Tank – the 510 DCT.

SMOKtech then got into mods and produced the Magneto Mechanical Tube Mod that was just as popular as its cartomizers. Building on the success of these early products, the company developed the TFV4 sub-ohm tank. Over the years, it has become every vaper’s favorite atomizer for use with regulated box mods.

Other noteworthy products from SMOK include the likes of Nord Pod System, Mag, T-Priv, and G-Priv. The TFV4 remains their most popular sub ohm tank though they have recently been going into other verticals.

SMOK has been a pioneering company in many verticals. Some of its trailblazing achievements include introducing Bluetooth into vaporizers and the use of dual coils. Besides, it significantly increases the quality of cloud production for sub ohm tanks.

The name SMOK and its pronunciation is one whose pronunciation many people struggle with. When the company went by Smoktech, many people pronounced it as “smoke-tech”. Since they decided to go by SMOK, a lot of people now call it “smoke” while others pronounce it as “Smock”.

According to the company, any pronunciation is fine as long as it can be understood what people are referring to.

The Best 10 SMOK Vape Products

1. Nord Kit

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

The kit is a combination of an all-in-one vaping kit for convenience and the more traditional tank which offers versatility. The tank comes with replaceable coils in both high resistance and sub-ohm options. It also offers flexibility to use nicotine salt based liquids and a battery that is more powerful than many ultra-portable mods to provide unmatched style and performance.

2. Mico Kit

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

This is a distinctive all-in-one ultra-portable pod system designed for utility, style, and durability. In addition to its classy looks, the Mico has great performance and battery capacity that beats most other kits in its class. It delivers all these through a large e-liquid capacity, heavy power output packed into a portable powerhouse that measures only 56.3mm in height.

3. TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

This is a next generation sub ohm tank that builds on the success of the Smok TFV12 prince tank though it introduces the V12 prince strip coil system and upgrades the structure. It is made with highly durable materials, comes with powerful new coils and glossy avant-garde design and finishes.

4. Resa Stick Vape Pen Kit

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

This is a tank and sub-ohm battery combination that provides powerful vapor production and excellent performance due to its revolutionary design. It comes with a 2000 mAh battery that provides 3.4 to 4.2 volts of power. The simple and smooth button operation and hardy stainless steel design make for one of the best vape kits from SMOK.

5. Trinity Alpha Kit

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

Similar to the SMOK NORD Kit, it provides the versatility of a conventional tank and the all-in-one convenience of a vape kit. Balancing style and performance, it comes with a powerful battery, the flexibility on the choice of nicotine-based e-liquids and both high resistance and sub-ohm options.

6. Cobra Resin 810 Drip Tip

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

This is an auxiliary mod or auxiliary add on for your SMOK Tank. It features a 810 connection, wide-bore airflow, and a unique resin casting process that makes for a unique snakeskin pattern. The wide-bore gives you denser clouds and better flavors because of the unrestricted airflow.

7. MAG Grip Mod

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

The MAG is the newest of the SMOK MAG series and features a magazine release, exquisite fire key, and handheld mod. It also does come with a distinctive OLED screen, up and down buttons and a powerful battery that can provide up to 100 watts. It also features two custom made coils for intense flavor and clouds.

8. RHA 220W TC Starter Kit

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

The kit is a distinctive piece featuring full temperature regulation and ultra-performance from a chipset with 220 watts of power. It comes with an OLED display to conveniently provide information, the unique placement of stealth firing mechanisms and stunning colorful inlays for one of the best ergonomic kits in the market.

9. Infinix

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

The SMOK combines ease of use and portability in an elegant chassis that features a 250 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 16watts of power and, 2L refillable pods that can take up to 3ml of e-juice. It also comes in a futuristic and sleek design that is streamlined for easy handling.

10. Stick V8 Kit

SMOK Vape – the Industry Leading Vaping Company

The pen style starter kit enhances your experiences with a high capacity 3000 mAh battery that delivers up to 20 amps of discharge. It also comes with the 5ml TFV8 baby tank and beast coils for dense and flavor-filled clouds to bring you convenience and ease of use.

Why SMOK Is the Best Vaping Company in the Industry

SMOK stood out from the competition right from the time it came up with their first product. Since then, it has gained a reputation for quality and high-end technological innovation and design.

SMOK vape mods have always been ahead of the curve in making new chipsets that providing more precision, chipsets that provide more power and overall better experiences than products of their competitors.

Some of SMOK’s most popular brands have served to cement their position as the best in the industry. Moreover, it goes beyond the technical specifications in designing the product. Their products are among the most distinctive with creative elements and sleek finishes that vapers love.

SMOK vape products always stand out from others in their class. In addition, SMOK coils and tanks have introduced new technologies. It has reduced the complexity of vaping such that almost anyone can now enjoy advanced vaping experiences.

It provides a six-month guarantee on the hardware and mods so that you can always buy without trepidation about your stuff breaking down. However, The guarantee does not apply to e-liquids, pods, drip tips, atomizers, and tanks.

In case you find that the item you purchased is faulty, you can always send it back as long as you have proof of purchase and verification code. If the defect is determined to be a manufacturing level issue, they will ship a new replacement free of charge to you.

SMOK has a page on their website where you can troubleshoot the most common issues you may have with the product. You can also reach customer support on a toll-free number between 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM GMT +8. If you need to get some assistance after purchase, the best way is to write them an email.

The official website always has news of any updates to your SMOK vape device. You can log onto the official support website to download the updates or just google “SMOK upgrade”. You will not need any technical knowledge to do the updates since they use NuMicro ISP Programming software that makes updates a breeze.

How SMOK Changed the Vaping Industry

SMOK stands heads and shoulders above most Chinese vaping companies for its innovation. It always invests a lot into developing some of the unique products. This is new for most Chinese vaping companies, most of whom have now adopted SMOK’s forward-thinking policies.

At a time Smoktech was innovating with mechanical tube mods such as Magneto and Telescope. But many of their rivals were just copying designs from other players in the industry.

SMOK has demonstrated that experimenting can work if done correctly. Their dual coil cartomizers changed the vaping game at a time when most enthusiasts thought the single coil cartomizers were the best there could ever be.

However, SMOK made the biggest waves on the industry when they introduced the TFV tank series. Their product offering was not only about setting new standards for sub ohm tanks but was also trailblazing in that it offered several types of coils for vaping tanks.

As it stands, there are multiple rebuildable options and TFV4, and TFV coils on the market, as such. The coils range from multi-mesh coils to beast like octule-Claptons to simple dual coil setups.

While several manufacturers were already offering two coil options, it was SMOK that was the first to provide high levels of diversity with their TFV coils offering.


SMOK is a pioneering company whose innovative products have earned the name as one of the foremost trailblazers. While other companies were busy cloning the products of other successful companies, it distinguished itself by innovating and introducing original products that vapers loved.

While their rivals were busy following trends, SMOK decided to establish them. Moreover, it is credited with originating some of the best vaping products that enthusiasts use today, which have taken the industry to another level.

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