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Vape Juice – How to Choose the Best Flavour

vape juice, Vape Juice – How to Choose the Best Flavour

To say that one e-juice flavour is the best is like terming one meal the tastiest meal in the world. If you are to find the best e-juice flavour, then it will take you forever since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of flavours, in the market.

From those with fruity and deserts tastes to those with cereal-inspired and cocktail flavours. You may say that a type of flavour is the best and nothing can taste better, then somebody else comes up with another taste, and it hits you differently. E-liquid tastes are subjective, and thus, what appeals to you might not taste good on another person.

However, there must be a list of the best vape juice flavours for most vapers. And that’s why we compiled this list. After surveying different seasoned vapers and asking them what the best e-liquid flavours are. We came up with a list of the flavours that were mentioned by many and also integrated others that relate to the flavour.

If even after reading the reviews, you don’t get an e-liquid flavour that appeals to you, we have included tips on how to find best-rated e-juice for your specific taste as well as recommendations from seasoned vapers. You don’t have to go with what everyone terms as great, especially if you want to taste several flavours and explore.

Top 10 E-Juice Flavours

1. Naked 100 Fruit Lava Flow

Fruit Lava Flow – With pineapple, creamy coconut, and strawberries, this flavour will hit just right. Your taste buds will be salivating for another vaping experience. What’s more, you can choose from different nicotine levels ranging from 0MG to 12MG.

2. Jam Monster Nic Salt Blackberry

Are you a fan of cocktails? Blackberry Nic Salt from Jam Monster combined blackberry jam and buttered toast taste to give you a great-tasting fruit flavour. The taste will hit you straight out. Reserved for veteran vapers because of its high nicotine content (24mg and 48mg nicotine options), you can rest assured that this sweet and tart mixture will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

3. Charlie’s Chalk Dust Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Apple Strawberry Nectarine – a combination of Fuji Apple and mouthwatering strawberry, coupled with an aromatic nectarine makes this e-juice one of the best and tastiest flavour. The smooth nature of the flavour and its great taste make it stand out. And the best thing is that you can choose from three nicotine levels – 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG. This flavour aims to give vapours a pleasurable fruity flavour in every cloud.

4. 7 Daze Salt Mango

7 Daze Salt Mango – this is another great-tasting e-juice with mango flavour to awaken your taste bud. The flavour is extracted from luscious mangoes and gives you a smooth hit in your throat thanks to the yummy and comforting flavour. Get one and fill in your vaporizer so you can have something to kick-start your vaping day off in the right way.

5. Naked 100 Original Fruit All-Melon

Fruit All Melon – another flavour from Naked 100, this time with watermelon and honeydew melon flavour to make you indulge. The melon flavour is one of the most popular and the Naked 100 has made it smooth by combining firm cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon to create a flavour that will leave vapers craving for more.

6. The Finest Apple Peach Sour

Do you like apple flavour? Well, The Finest Apple Peach Sour gives you an apple sour taste that slowly fades into candy sensation when inhaling and sugary peach when exhaling. The sweet and sour candy taste will have your taste buds yearning for the frequent vaping experience. It is one of the best vape juice for people who like apple taste.

7. The Milkman Strudelhaus Salt

For dessert lovers, Strudelhaus Salt from The Milkman will leave your taste buds drooling thanks to its delicious dessert flavour. The sweetness and sourness of blueberry that comes with every inhale make it one of the best e-juice in the market for veterans. Treat yourself with this bitter-sweet flavour.

8. Naked 100 Menthol Very Cool

Naked 100 seem to be a darling to many as this is a 3rd flavour that made it to our list, Menthol Very Cool. With this flavour that blends fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, you will have your vape tank brimming with flavorful and frozen clouds of freshly picked fruits.

9. Kilo E-liquids Green Apple O’s

Green Apple O’S of Candy Series – this flavour from Kilo E-liquids takes the tart and sweet notes of green apple to create a fruity, lip-smacking flavour that leaves your taste buds drooling. Packaged in bottles of 100ml, you will have enough vape juice to last you for a considerable time. With a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, this lip-smacking e-juice is suitable for an all-day vape.

10. Cosmic Fog Apple-Honey E-Juice

Apple Honey by Cosmic Fog blend borrows flavours from succulent apple sweetened by sugary honey to create a honey-apple flavour e-juice. It has a unique, delicious taste that makes you want to vape more. This is one of the flavorful e-liquid you will taste.

Still, haven’t found your best e-juice? Well, here are a few pointers to help you choose the right one.

How to Choose the Best E-Juice Flavor

-Find a legit vendor. Most vendors specialize in a specific type of e-juice while others are well-known for selling a general type of e-liquid such as fruit-flavour or dessert-flavour. You can have a better chance of finding a taste you can like when you buy from such vendors.

-Know your PG/VG preference. If you find a PG/VG ratio that goes with your preference without impacting the taste of the e-liquid, you will rarely go wrong.

-Aim for a blended e-liquid. It is true that one-note e-liquids are tasty. But often, they lack the depth you might be looking for. That’s why a flavour with several elements is often the best.

-Taste-test. If you are a complete newbie, you can start by ordering and tasting different flavours until you find one that you like most. Also, reviews and juice description will guide you.

-Go for e-juices made by companies that have done lab-test results. Most companies claim that they have not used diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. But few states they have conducted lab tests to ensure these two chemicals are not in their e-liquids.

-Pick up mid-priced flavors. Price can guide you on the quality of an e-liquid. But of course, there are exceptions, and that’s why you should not always go for the highest-priced e-liquids. You can get great juices at mid-range prices.

As aforementioned, there is no one-taste-suits-all when it comes to vape juices. And it is up to you to identify the best e-juice flavour for yourself. Keep in mind that finding the best e-flavour is more of a trial-and-error process. It is not as straightforward as choosing the best atomizer or mod. Of course, the best way is to taste the juice before buying it. But in an era where we buy most things online, tasting is not possible.

However, the advice we are going to offer in this guide will increase your chances of buying the best flavour that taste great.

What Is the Right Way to Store Your Vape Juice?

Now that you have found the best e-juice storing it in the right way and keeping it in optimum condition is vital to maintaining its flavour. Failure to store your juice properly will lead to degradation and alteration of its flavour.

Here is how to store your e-liquid:

Keep it away from heat, air, and light- these are the flavor killers

The three major enemies of e-liquid include heat, direct sunlight and air. That’s why you should keep your juice in a cool, dark place. Heat degrades flavour, whereas air and light affect the nicotine.

Of course, this will not work when you are vaping outside. Thankfully, quality e-liquid can withstand small amounts of exposure to light and heat, and thus, you don’t need to worry much. However, you don’t want to leave it out on a table outside.

E-Liquids Safety Lips

To wind up our guide, let’s discuss important things to keep in mind when handling juice or to refile your tank.

The major takeaway here is to know that nicotine can seep through your skin, which can cause nicotine patches. If you spill some juice on your skin, clean it immediately using soap and warm water. Besides, remove and wash any clothing you have spilt the juice on, and clean the surface where vape juice has been spilt.

It is easy to avoid spills, especially when you are refilling tanks. Position the dripper spout of a bottle with juice on the tank opening to ensure the juice drips down into the tank rather than down the central tube as this can lead to leaks. Pour slowly to avoid spilling.

However, you don’t need to freak out when you spill e-juice on your skin. Even though nicotine can seep through your skin, it takes time to sink in. But for precaution purposes, it is important to take spills seriously and clean up with plenty of warm, soapy water as soon as possible.

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