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Vape Tanks: A List of Best-Selling 10 Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks, Vape Tanks: A List of Best-Selling 10 Vape Tanks

The popularity of vaping is increasing at a rapid pace. People are looking to move from harmful cigarettes to a better alternative. That is what is fuelling the growth of vape tanks. Another advantage is that you can easily modify it to enhance your vaping experience. It is one of the main reasons why vaping has become highly popular. The essential accessory which allows you to improve your vaping experience is the vape tank. It maximizes the capacity of the vaping stick to hold the vapor juice.

If you too want to enjoy the vaping experience, it is essential to choose such a vape tank. With numerous options available, it is difficult to find the right one. That is why we will today share with you the top 10 tanks for vaping which will help you enhance your experience. Before that, however, we will help you understand the different types and how they differ from one another.

Types of Vape Tanks

There are three types. The variation is mainly in the vapor coil. These types include clearomizers, glassomizers, and cartomizers. We will now go into the details of these three vapor tanks to help you understand more.

1. Cartomizers

The vape tank which we are talking about now consists of cotton or the poly-fill material around the heating coil. This material performs great in absorbing the vape juice. Since the material is present around the coil, when the coil heats up, the liquid is diffused. The advantage is that the vapor juice can last for a long time due to the diffusion process. Due to this very reason, it has a higher vape time on a single refill.

2. Clearomizers

Clearomizers consist of silica wicks instead of cotton to absorb the vape juice. The wicks can vary in size from one tank to another. The absorption capacity of silica wicks is on the higher side. Hence the concentration of vapor juice is also more.

Another advantage of these tank types is that they consist of transparent reservoirs made of plastic. You can determine the level of the vapor juice with the help of this transparent reservoir. So, you can refill the tank before it runs out. The high density of the vapor along with the transparent reservoir makes this a good option.

3. Glassomizers

These are similar in design to the clearomizers; however, the reservoir uses glass or Pyrex material. As a result, the durability of the reservoir is on the higher side. The wear and tear of the reservoir due to its acidic nature is minimal. If you’re looking for a durable one, this is the one which you should buy.

Top 10 Best Vape Tanks

So, when looking for the vape tank, broadly speaking, these are the three categories available. We will now share with you the top 10 which can help you enhance your vaping experience.

1. Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank

The Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank has a capacity of 2.6 ML. It comes along with a pre-installed drip tip. Hence; the use of vapor juice is highly efficient. Moreover, with the help of top-filling tank design, pre-filling the tank is quite easy. To install the coil, all you need to do is to unscrew the base and place the coil.

The tank makes it easy for you to adjust the airflow, which means that you can regulate the heat as well. It is available in 4 color options. With the help of the transparent part, it is easy to monitor the level of the vapor juice. All in all, it is one of the best vape tanks.


-The capacity is 2.6 ML

-Four different color options

-Easy to monitor the level

-Ability to control airflow

-Mess-free refilling

2. Eleaf ELLO Duro Tank

Eleaf ELLO Duro is available in six color options, you have a color choice when looking to choose this vapor tank. There are two different editions on offer as well. The first one has a capacity of 2 ml, whereas the second one has a capacity of 6.5 ml. With the help of enormous capacity, it is easy to get a long-lasting vaping experience.

The bottom consists of dual air slots which help you in getting proper air flow for forming the clouds. In the middle of it, the transparent allows you to monitor the level of vape juice. The large capacity makes it a great option.


-Two different variants

-Six color options

-Easy to get intense airflow

-Transparent tank and design

3. Eleaf Melo 4 Sub ohm Tank

The Eleaf Melo 4 Sub ohm Tank has two variants with a capacity of 2ml and 4.5 ml respectively. With six color variants available, you have plenty of choices. The middle part of the tank is transparent, which helps you monitor the vapor juice level. Also, with dripping design, the vapor juice can last for a long time. It also consists of dual air inlets which help you make those clouds easily. The sleek design makes it the right choice.


-2 different variants

-6 color options

-Dual air inlets

-Elegant design

4. Hellvape AmbitionZ VapeR Aequitas 24mm BF RDA

Hellvape AmbitionZ VapeR Aequitas RDA, is available in 4 color options. The design of this tank is elegant, which means that it is aesthetically pleasing. With the help of a unique airflow system, you can be sure that you can get an intense flavor. It consists of an elevated postless build deck, which makes it easy to integrate with the vaping stick. When looking for something different, you can buy this one.


-Available in 4 color options

-Aesthetically pleasing design

-Postless build deck

-Unique airflow system

5. Horizon Falcon King Tank

The feature which you will notice about Horizon Falcon King Tank is the slim design. In spite of that, it has a capacity of 6 ML, which makes it one of the most efficient options. The central part is transparent, that helps you monitor the levels. With the help of Pyrex glass and stainless steel construction, durability is on the higher side. The heavy-duty construction is visually appealing as well, which is another advantage. In terms of slim design and high capacity, you cannot go wrong with this one.


-The capacity is 6 ML

-Heavy duty construction

-Visually appealing

-Easy to monitor the liquid level

6. IJOY Mystique Sub ohm Tank

There are plenty of choices available when looking to choose IJOY Mystique Sub Ohm Tank. It is available in 6 color options. There are two variants available as well with a capacity of 5ml and 3.5 ml. You can not only choose the color which you want but also the capacity. Additionally, it comes with the replacement glass, which is another advantage. With the help of dual air slots, there is no problem with airflow.

It is compatible with various types of coins, which mean that you will not be hard pressed to find one. The replacement glass, multiple color options, and capacity variants make it an excellent choice.


-Available in 6 colors

-Two variants available

-Comes with the replacement glass

-Excellent airflow

7. SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

In terms of color options, this one has the highest variants available. There are seven color choices. The capacity of SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 is 5ml. Additionally, it consists of a Pyrex tube and has a glossy finish, which makes it aesthetically pleasing. It comes with two powerful coils so that you will not have to worry about buying them separately. The dual mesh structure can help you in forming vapor clouds.

With the help of glass structure, monitoring the liquid level is not a problem at all. Instead of just two airflow slots, this vapor tank consists of 3 airflow slots, which means that forming the clouds is quite easy. With the help of large seating capacity and three airflow slots, it is certainly superior to many other options on this list.


-Three air slots

-5 ml capacity

-Seven different color options

-Comes with two heating coils

8. SMOK TF Tank

With five color variants, it is easy to choose this tank in the color which you prefer. SMOK TF Tank consists of a mesh coil which can heat the liquid. Due to this very reason, the intensity of the flavor is on the higher side. The top fill system means that you don’t need to worry about leaks at all. The capacity of the tank is 6 ML, which is more than adequate.

It comes with a glass tube replacement, which makes it easy for you to use it for a long time. Additionally, transparent architecture helps you monitor the levels. All the features which you might look for in a tank are available in this one.


-6 ML capacity

-Mesh coil

-Not prone to leak

-Comes with glass replacement

9. SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod

The construction of Trinity Alpha by SMOK is a bit different as compared to others. The capacity is 2.8 ML. It comes with a dual coil, which means that the heating is on the higher side. The push to open and the top filling system allows you to refill it. Moreover, the design is such that it is not susceptible to leaking at all. Hence you can have a smooth vaping experience. The elegant design, along with dual coil makes it a great choice.


-The capacity is 2.8 ML

-Comes along with two coils

-Top filling system

-Not susceptible to leaks

10. Aspire Tigon Sub ohm Tank

Whenever you’re looking for the best vape tanks, it is essential to consider these ten options. Rather than comparing the numerous options and spending a lot of time, you can choose between these ten options as they are the best on offer.

When using a tank for vaping, you need to retain it properly to get the right vaping experience. The coil is one of the most crucial parts of the vape tank. If you want to maintain it, it is essential to know how to clean the vape coils. Before we conclude this article, we will help you understand the same.

The last vape tank on our list – Aspire Tigon tank comes in the 2 ml edition and 3.5 ml edition. Also, it is available in 4 color options. The design of the tank is such that you can easily attach it to the vaping stick and remove as well.

With the help of interchangeable drip tips, you can easily use it for a long time. It offers two coils so that heating is not a problem at all. The dual function airflow setting helps you in getting an intense flavor. With the help of transparent design, you can fill the tank in time. The main USP of the tank is easy to attach and remove design.


-2 different size variants

-Incorporates 2 coils

-4 different color options

-Interchangeable drip tips

Easy and Efficient Ways to Clean Weight Coils

Mostly, there are two different methods with the help of which you can clean the vape coils. We will highlight both of them below.

1. Cleaning procedure for replaceable waypoints

In most cases, replaceable coils are available in clearomizer and sub-ohm tanks. The wicks of these coils are a bit difficult to clean. With proper effort, however, it is possible to get an acceptable result.

You have to use the soak and rinse method to clean the coil. The solution should consist of water, vinegar, or ethanol. You have to soak the coil in the solution before rinsing it. The dirtier the coil, the longer the time for which you have to soak it. After that, you have to clean it under running water. You have to then wash it off with distilled water.

If you want to clean it thoroughly, it is advisable to blow some air into the coil head to ensure that the water evaporates entirely and also the wick holes are completely clean. Air drying is the perfect way to dry it off. After that, you can install it back.

2. Cleaning procedure for the rebuildable coils

The cleaning procedure is different if you’re using the rebuildable atomizer. You have to first and foremost remove the wicks. You have to dry burn them but only for a short time. You can do so using the fire button in the atomizer itself. It will ensure that the entire juice gets removed from the wicks. So, it is important to rinse it under tap water to clean the coil. You have to use a proper cleaning tool or a toothbrush to remove the debris. You have to do so one more time before installing it back.

Depending on the exact vaping coil which you use, you can choose between these two procedures.

So, when looking to buy the best vapor tank, these are the ten options available. Also, it is necessary to maintain them right. With the help of coil cleaning tips which we have described above, you can easily maintain your coil and tank. All in all, our guide above can quickly help you enhance your vaping experience.

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