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Vapes for Sale, Vapes for Sale on Vapingcig

Vape kits are battery-powered vaping devices that can offer hours of vaping experience. They are ideal for users who require a seamless inhalation experience, where you don’t have to take constant breaks after every few minutes to refill the e-juice.

Additionally, most of these devices are sturdy and elegant-looking, meaning you can take them out in any location for a quick vaping session without feeling embarrassed.

Top 10 Vapes for Sale on Hoocs

If you’re looking for high-quality vapes for sale that will guarantee you durability, dependability, and aesthetics, then below are some of the top options to consider:

1. Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit

Aspire Feedlink is a highly advanced kit consisting of an exclusive Radial Coil which enhances scent and vapor output. Moreover, it’s the first kit from Aspire to feature a squonk chamber, which allows you to vape the entire day without running out of vapor thanks to its huge capacity bottle. Other interesting aspects of the product include:

-An indicator light that shows battery percentage

-Short circuit console

-10-second fire shutoff

-Available in 5 color variants of silver, blue, chrome, sunset red, and nightsky

2. SMOK G-PRIV 2 230W Kit with TFV8 X-Baby Tank

If you’re looking for technologically advanced vapes for sale, then Smok-G Priv is the ideal product for you. It comes with a touch-screen panel that allows you to control functions such as airflow, temperature, wattage, and so on.

Additionally, it has a massive tank that can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid, including an automatic e-liquid refill system and secure locking mechanism. Furthermore, the device comes with a pair of coils, which are the T6 Coil and Q2 Coil that can help those who like making clouds while smoking.

3. Eleaf ijust 21700 Starter Kit with Ello Duro

Eleaf ijust is a simple and easy-to-use vape that comes fitted with a pencil-shaped mod which is both comfortable and stylish. It measures 148mm in height and 25mm in circumferences, thus making it portable enough to carry around with ease, no matter where you’re going.

Likewise, you will enjoy using the LED lights which indicate green when battery is full, orange at 30-59%, blue at 10-29% and red at 9% or below. As one of the technically advanced vapes for sale, this device also has a micro-USB port for quick charging on the go, so that you don’t run out of power at any given moment.

4. Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Starter Kit 3000mAh

Sky Solo Plus is one of the most durable vapes in the market, consisting of an integral 3000mAh battery with a liquid tank capacity of 8ml. It’s suitable for those who want a vaping product that can be used for long periods without requiring constant refills. Other quality features which make it stand out include:

-Dual-chamber bottom airflow adjustment ring

-Meshed top fill system for easy refilling

-Available in colors blue, black, rainbow and silver

5. Lost Vape Orion DNA Go AIO Pod Device

Orion DNA Go ranks among the best vapes for sale in terms of construction, thanks to its hardwearing and aesthetically appealing patented Abalone Carbon Floer body frame. This attractive surface consists of a spiral shape with multiple natural pores that improve aeration, as well as an inner-layer that’s iridescent.

As a user, you’ll also benefit from the available DNA GO chipset that can mechanically detect pods resistance, to dynamically change to new settings. Other interesting aspects are as follows:

-A single pod can provide up to 400 puffs

-E-liquid capacity of 2.0ml

-Maximum wattage of 40W

6. Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Pod System 500mAh

Wismec is a nicely-shaped oval vape with a sleek, flat surface that also comes in a variety of shiny coatings. The body consists of zinc-alloy material that feels quite strong plus is comfortable on the hand. For e-juice refilling, there’s a fill port unit at the base of the pod with a rubber cap that’s simple to remove and put back on. This makes the device easy to use, even for beginners, without having to refer to the manual.

Additionally, the vape is available in a variety of 5 different colors, which are black, light green, deep blue, white, and red. It also has a powerful built-in battery with a total capacity of 500mAh, which is the amount of electric charge that it can produce, as well as Wattage output of 10W maximum.

Even more, Wismec Motiv 2 comes fitted with an intuitive triple-colored LED display, which automatically shows battery level as you continue using your vape so that it doesn’t run out unexpectedly. For user safety, it’s further loaded with Short Circuit, Dual Circuit, Low Voltage, No Load, and Atomizer protection features. You’ll also benefit from a convenient filling system that makes it easy to refill the e-juice on the go.

7. Geekvape Digiflavor Upen Kit 650mAh

With its clippable top-cover lid and practical top filling system, Digiflavor Upen is ideal for those who want a simple device that’s simple to operate. Moreover, it has a MTL inhalation system that makes it convenient for those who want to quit cigarettes and fully transition into vaping. Similarly, measuring only 14mm x 79mm, it’s compact enough to fit into your pocket or purse without occupying too much space. Other attributes that you’ll enjoy about this device are:

-USB Charging capacity

-Durable 650mAh integral battery

-Detachable top-cap for easy cleaning

8. Geekvape Nova Kit with Alpha Tank

Geekvape Nova is an attractive vaping kit made from high-quality aluminum alloy material, which comes complete with artistically crafted resin and expertly curved design lines. It’s elegant to look at, plus with its large capacity 4ml Alpha Sub ohm Tank you’ll enjoy remarkable scent with the prolonged vaping experience.

Furthermore, the device has a creatively built & ergonomic Super Mesh Coil design which enhances flavor, including an advanced AS Chip system that improves safety when using the unit. Also available is a locking top-fill function that compliments the highly advanced Meshmallow coil unit, which makes use of Egyptian organic cotton.

Additionally, Geekvape Nova is equipped with a double-base airflow system that’s modified to ensure the atomizer stays cool and doesn’t overheat, especially when operating at high wattage levels. Vapers will also enjoy more intense flavors thanks to the device’s dual coil makeup; the first MM X1 coil is a single mesh unit that delivers 60-110W at 0.2ohms, whereas the other MM X2 coil has a power rating of 50-80W and produces 0.4 ohms.

There are also several O-rings found around the device that help to absorb shock and avoid cracking or breaking of the vape in case it comes into contact with a hard surface. Without these rings, even an accidental fall can damage your mod if it cracks following the surface impact.

9. Innokin EQs Starter Kit Pod System 800mAh

This highly advanced vape is equipped with a magnetic re-fillable cartridge system, which operates using the new Plexus EQ 0.5OHM network coil technology. The makeup ensures quick wicking ability, enhanced flavor, longevity, and reduction in hot spots for a soft, durable vaping experience. Likewise, the Pod system holds charge pretty well, and you won’t have to constantly refill the power every few minutes. Innokin EQs Kit also has the following features which you will like:

-Safety Mouthpiece Top

-Simple, compact and lightweight frame

-Easy to operate one-touch control functions

10. Suorin Drop Kit 310mAh

Suorin is a water-drop shaped vape that’s unique from any other device in the market in terms of design. Apart from that, it also allows you to fill your e-juices using its reusable cartridges. Additionally, its cloud protection system ranks highly compared to other devices, which allows Suorin to smoothen out flavors so that they don’t feel musty and condensed inside your mouth. If you want a versatile, portable, and micro USB charging device, then it will make a good buy.

As for the battery, Suorin Drop has an average power output level of 310mAh which delivers about 5-6hrs of usage before recharge, plus is operated by a draw-activated switch that’s both convenient and made from high-quality zinc alloy which is unbreakable. It also has sizeable dimensions of 73mm x 49mm x 12mm that make it easy to carry around in your pocket without feeling bulky.

Moreover, since Suorin’s e-liquid pods are divided into two chambers with a capacity of 2ml, this makes the device ideal for mouth-to-lung low capacity vaping.

Bottom Line

To summarize, with so many vaping devices available in the market to choose from, it’s recommended to check the specifications of each model to determine whether they suit your needs.

One of the first things to check is the dimension; typically these kits come in tank capacities of between 2ml to 8ml. The smaller versions are ideal for who are just starting with vaping, whereas the larger ones are suitable for experienced vapers who can inhale large quantities of the e-juice at a time. Other factors that are also important to consider include battery capacity, safety features, ease of cleaning, and technical aspects.

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