Vaporesso Revenger – an Overall Review

Vaporesso Revenger
Vaporesso Revenger

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Dimensions: 89mm by 45mm by 28mm

Battery: 18650

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The immediate impression made by the Vaporesso Revenger is that of beauty. The book-like box opens up to reveal the USB cable, user manual and warranty card on one side and everything else on the other. While the sleek aesthetics of the Revenger is definitely awe-inspiring, its wholesome functionality is what we’re after. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.



Vaporesso Revenger

Wattage Output Range:
Temperature Control Range:
Min Atomizer Resistance:
510 thread

Kit Composition

The box contains the following parts:

– 1 220W TC Box Mod

– 1 NRG Sub-Ohm Tank

– 2 Coils (0.15 ohm GT 4 and 0.15 ohm GT 8)

– 1 Drip Tip (14mm Bore Delrin)

– Drip Tip Adapter

– Spare glass and O-rings

– USB charging cable and

– User manual

However, the manual isn’t really updated to match the new design, which makes it less than helpful. Vaporesso should really look into this.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The Mod

The center-mounted 510 pin of Vaporesso Revenger can fit any 28mm or lower atomizer with ease. Reminiscent of a typical Vaporesso 510 pin, the stainless steel threading pin is gold plated, so there’s no question of quality.

The screen of the Revenger is the pride and joy of the mod. Its environmentally friendly plastic material very much looks like glass. However, it’s a bit difficult to read outdoors. Battery meter, ohms, volts, wattage, mode, temperature, material, and puff counts are all displayed on the OLED display. The layout is clear and easy to follow. Plus, there’s the clock mode that displays time. It’s a wonder that such a basic feature isn’t included in most mods.

Like most Vaporesso mods, Revenger features 4 buttons. Besides the fire button, these are the plus, minus, and the mode buttons. These are located below the display. The mode button sits between the other two giving the whole combo the look of an elongated “U.” Unfortunately, Vaporesso hasn’t made the best use of the 4-button feature. The number of clicks and steps you have to perform just to adjust wattage while in the temperature control, for instance, is quite frustrating. There’s no point in having four buttons if they don’t function better than three.

The 2.5amp charging port is located below the button combo. The display shows the charge levels for both the batteries. The two 18650 batteries can be accessed by removing the cover on the back, which is held in place with three magnets. While there’s no battery strap, they’re easy to take out.

And finally, the bottom features some venting for the batteries as well as the Vaporesso logo. The same glass-like plastic covers the back. In general, the mod is a good mixture of elegance, class, and modernity.

Vaporesso Revenger Mod

The Tank

The Revenger’s NRG tank is the latest innovation of Vaporesso. The Delrin-made drip tip has a very effective spit guard that works really well. The kit features a single chuff-cap tip but thanks to the adapter, you can make use of any 510 drip tip. However, the spit guard slightly restricts the airflow that most pro-vapers would notice.

The tip of the tank slides at a slight angle to reveal the kidney-shaped refill port. Its shape is decent and works nicely with needle-nose bottles and droppers. However, bullnose juice bottles can make things a bit messy. The chimney is very wide and very short, and you can screw it directly to the coil. Its stout build makes sure that the vapor doesn’t have to travel far before hitting the vaper’s mouth. This also makes each puff very flavorsome.

The threading inside the tank bottom is nicely smooth, and all the different coils can fit in without any trouble. The tank is pretty airy thanks to the two air slots located at the bottom of its exterior. The tank’s base is also made of Delrin, which makes the heat transference from the tank to mod extremely difficult.

Vaporesso Revenger Tank

The Coils

Vaporesso went the whole way with their Revenger coils. Put together, there are five coils available, but the kit includes only the GT 4 and GT 8 coils. So let’s stick to these.

The Vaporesso Revenger 4 ohm GT 4 coil ran between 40 and 80 watts and marked to perform best from 55 to 65. However, the puffs become very flavorful with a somewhat decent cloud between 50 and 55 watts. It should be satisfying for almost anyone who focuses on satisfying flavor than vapor clouds. The purpose of GT 4 is to create a balance between low wattage and flavor.

The 15ohm GT 8 coil ran between 50 and 110 watts and marked to perform best from 60 to 80. My personal favorite is 85, and it’s functionalities still don’t drop at 110. However, it might be a bit too warm for vapers who aren’t much into high heat.

The plus side of GT 8 over GT 4 is that while the former coveys the same amount of flavor, if not more, than the latter, it can create a huge cloud vapor typical of a high-wattage vape. This coil is definitely not for vapers who prefer discretion.

The Board

The Revenger’s Omni 2.0 board is an upgrade over the original. While the original had a great chipset, its temperature control feature was less than satisfying. This is what Omni 2.0 worked on and pushed it even further. The new Smart Mode reads the tank material and can suggest what wattage your coil should run on. This feature can be easily turned off from the settings menu.

The automatic suggestion is very helpful for beginners, making the mod a nice starter kit. In addition, the Vaporesso Revenger also features the custom curvature of wattage (CCW) and custom curvature of temperature (CCT) modes. Pro-vapers can use these to really fine tune their vaping experience.

Conclusive Remarks

Aesthetically, the Vaporesso Revenger is extremely pleasing. The varying sleek and shiny colors against the deep black make the device stand out. Put together with the glass-like plastic material, and you have a combo that looks modern to the core. Simply put, it looks nice and works great.

It also fits into your palm very nicely. While a box mod, it’s not that wide and only 5.5 inches long (with the tank fitted), which is a great way to make a device portable that mainly focuses on performance with two batteries. Some might find the idea of carrying it around in their pockets a bit uncomfortable, though.

To be honest, the Revenger doesn’t really feature any vivid drawbacks. Other than the backdated user manual and the confusing menu, there’s nothing worth mentioning regarding the cons. Even those can be mastered in no time with a bit of tinkering. Since the mod has zero performance issues, I’d consider the Revenger highly recommendable.

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