Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 Box Mod Review

Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3 Mod
Wismec Reuleaux RX23 Box Mod 200w tc mod side

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Size:88.7mm*40.2*34.5 (for 2 cells)
88.7mm*40.2*50.1 (for 3 cells)

Battery: Dual or Triple Cell

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Vaping industry is a miniature world that is diverse and dynamic in its unique ways. There are several advancements and new brands that are popping up with each passing day. There are also new flavours to cater for hence the need to come up with new devices that meet the hardcore and novice vapers’ specifications. Wismec Company is not left behind. Through a series of innovations, it is updating its units to keep with the pace in this industry. We will introduce amazing box mod Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3Mod in the following paragraph.



In the verge to update all the Reauleax series, the company has released yet another vaping giraffe, Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3 mod. If you haven’t heard of it, then you are lost in your world. Anyway, don’t worry. We are going to take through all the nitty-gritty of this popular brand without leaving anything unmentioned.


Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3 Box Mod

Output Mode:
Wattage Output Range:
1-150W (for 2 cells)

1-200W (for 3 cells)

Temperature Range:
510 Thread
Resistance Range:

What's in the Box?

Included in the Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3 Mod box you will find:

1*Reuleaux RX2/3(no cells)
1*Back cover (for 2 cells)
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
1*Warning Card

Wismec Reuleaux RX23 Box Mod 200w tc mod package contents

Build and Design

Wismec Realeaux RX2/3 falls in the category of box mod designed by Jay Bo. And, just as it is the norm, this company doesn’t fail to deliver. Upon releasing the foam padding that is an integral part of the safety package, you will be introduced to the impressive vaper constructed with high-quality zinc alloy. Its materiality is vital in cutting down the net weight more so when in loaded with three 18650 batteries.

The surface features a range of dual colouring. Generally, black and white are the most common colours. They come in close dual combinations of all the popular colours on the planet. The replaceable back cover even makes it more efficient for customization to meet your specifications. Otherwise, this behemoth mod’s ergonomic surfacing renders it slippage-free and easy to carry around.

One of the extended features that surpass our expectations is the battery doors closure functionality. Wismec Realeaux RX2/3 features magnet attachments that hold the battery covers in place to avoid wobbling. For fixing, you need to align the battery door with the margins and press it down the groove. For removal, all you need is to press the button at the base of the device.

Just like in any other Wismec products, the system comes handy with spring-loaded hybrid 510 connection. The spring is exclusively made with stainless steel to minimize effects of tears and wears. Stainless steel is also highly adaptable.

Wismec Reuleaux RX23 Box Mod 200w tc mod

The OLED Screen

The 0.96 inch OLED screen on Wismec Realeaux RX2/3 features a unique font. It is bright, good-sized and clear. Once you put the batteries in place, the screen will start to show information about the wattage, voltage, resistance, temperature and battery life. The integration of the new font started with RX200S design. So far, esteemed users say that it takes some good time to be well conversant with the font. Otherwise, it is not such a big matter as far vaping with this mod is concerned.

The Various Vaping Modes

Wismec Reauleux rx2/3 performance varies with the mode you opt for. You can power it using either two or three batteries. With dual battery mode, the mod is a typical Reuleaux unit that most people carry around. It features a power output of up to 150W. This power output comes automatically the moment the two batteries are installed. You don’t need to integrate any other type of setting or customizations, e.g. the preheat function. Otherwise, just like in SMOK devices, squeezing out the one battery isn’t any sweat-breaking task.

By adding the third battery, the unit’s scope of functionality is advanced to 200W power output. That’s a hefty output to maintain more so for the novice vapers. Though the unit works well in the dual battery mode, it is prudent to vape in the triple mode to extend the battery life. But, you will need extra energy to cater for the added weight.

This unit also features variable temperature control. There are five modes that you can choose from for varying vaping experiences. These are VW, TC-Ni, TC-SS, TC-Ti and TCR mode. The mode you are working with is usually shown on the OLED screen of the device.

Wismec Reuleaux RX23 Box Mod 200w tc mod green

Replaceable Battery Back Cover

What’s more, the Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3’s innovative way to have variable power output choice is to make the back cover replaceable. You can put two or three batteries by changing the back cover to have 150W max or 200W max power output, which enrich vaping experience.
Wismec Reuleaux RX23 Box Mod 200w tc mod side

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable preheat feature
  • It feels comfortable to hold and pocket
  • Unique logo customization that adds into its overall excellent aesthetic appearance
  • Other upgradable firmware releases by the same company
  • Replacable Back Cover


  • Thin-510 pin that does not work well with a longer pin
  • Unbalanced battery discharge
  • Sticking buttons
  • Accidental misfiring
  • The dual battery cover leaves a huge gap upon closure in 2X mode
  • The battery door for the three batteries lacks a ribbon

Final Verdict

Wismec Realeuax Rx2/3 Kit is a beast to recognize among the Wismec’s Realeuax series. It guarantees the maximum value for money as far as its price is concerned. Despite being heavy in three 18650 battery mode, it still fits well in the palm hence more comfortable to carry around. However, since the company is more concerned about the customers’feedbacks, it has fought tooth and nail to cover up the above inefficiencies through the release of RX200S and RX300S. Otherwise, Realeaux rx2/3 kit is 4+ stars rated in all aspects of its functionalities. Stay tuned for our reviews on the other updated versions of the Wismec’s Realeaux series.

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